Tianjin Airport Transportation

It is very convenient from Binhai International Airport to downtown Tianjin. Passengers can either take the airport shuttles, public buses or taxis. Additionally, passengers can also go to Beijing City from Binhai Airport.
 Transportation to the City Downtown Area

 By Airport Shuttle Bus

Routes Operating Time Pick Up Points Ticket Fare Duration
Airport→The Railway Station 6:00-19:30, every 30 minutes Gate 2 of Domestic Exit CNY15 15-20mins.
The Railway Station→Airport 6:00-19:30, every 30 minutes North Exit of Railway Station, near the Post Office CNY15 15-20mins.
Airport→The Railway Station→Nanjing Lu 19:30-the last flight arrival, every 30 minutes Gate 2 of Domestic Exit CNY15
Airport→Nanjing Lu 10:15-19:15, every 30 minutes Gate 2 of Domestic Exit CNY15
Nanjing Lu→ Airport 5:50, 09:15, 11:15,
12:15, 14:15, 16:15
Champagne Village Hotel CNY15
 Airport→Airport Economic Area  (Station of Subway Line 2) 10:45, 12:15, 13:15, 15:45, 17:45 Gate 2 of Domestic Exit Free 15mins.
Airport Economic Area→Airport 11:15, 12:45, 13:45, 16:15, 18:15 Airport Economic Area Station Free 15mins.

 Note: The Shuttle Bus to Nanjing Lu stops at Zhongshanmen Light Rail Station, Wanlong Building on Shiyijing Lu and the crossing of Shanxi Lu and Nanjing Lu.

 By City Bus

Number Route Stops Ticket Fare Duration
Tanggu Development Zone Special Bus Airport (08:30~21:00) – Tanggu Development Zone (05:30~18:30) Teda Central Hotel – Minghao Aviation, Ground Floor Store of Juchuan Holiday Hotel  (besides Xinhua Bookstore, No. 4, Jiefang Road, Tanggu,) CNY25 30mins.
Airport Special Bus No. 4  Airport – Tangshandao  Bus Stop Tangshandao, ChongrenLi, Hubei Road, Xiaobailou, Daguangming Bridge, Tangjiakou, Changzheng Road, Zhongbeili, Qihexinyuan, Yishouli, Cuifu New Village, Shanghang Garden, Wanxing Garden, Songfengxili, Panshandao, Laoshandao, Xiangshandao, Armed Police Force Hospital, Wanxin Village South, Yangtai, Gongdi, Chenglindongli, Dengzhouli, 3rd Petrochemical Works, Limingzhuang, Airport Office Block CNY3 60mins.
Airport Special Bus No. 5  Airport –  Leyuan Bus Stop Leyuan, Xinanlou, Tianjin Daily Building (North), Guanghua Bridge, Dazhigu, Cotton Spinning 1st Mill, Dazhigu Wuhao Road, Dazhigu Houtai, Dongfeng Cuniculus, Dongfeng Cloverleaf Junction, Pharmaceutical Factory, Children’s Village, Military Jiaotong College, Dongjuzi, Tianshan Road, Armed Police Force Hospital, Lantingli, Songshandao, Yihongdongli, Songfengdongli, Limingzhuang, Airport Office Block CNY3 60mins.

 By subway:
Take subway line 2 and get off at Binhai International Airport.

 By Taxi

Taxis with 1.6 Litre engine or greater Taxi with engine size less than 1.6 Litre
Under 3 kilometers CNY 8 CNY 8
3-10 kilometers CNY2/kilometer CNY1.7/kilometer
Above 10 kiloemters CNY3/kilometer CNY2.5/kilometer

1. There is an extra charge of 50% after 10 kilometers
2. Here are some typical taxi fares from the airport to the downtown area:
Youyi Lu : CNY80; Tianjin University of Finance and Economics: CNY70; Tianhuan Coach Station: CNY50-60.
 Transportation to Beijing

 By Long-distance Bus

Route Ticket Fare Operating Time Duration Time
Binhai Airport – Beijing Bawangfen Coach Station CNY35 To Beijing  Bawangfen Coach Station:10:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:40, 17:00 From Beijing  Bawangfen Coach Station: 10:30 About 2 hours

 By Airport Shuttle and Train
Travelers may also take the shuttle to the railway station as mentioned above, and then go to Beijing by Train. The connecting tickets for the shuttle (CNY 15) and a railway Hard Seat (CNY 58) are sold at the airport with an extra CNY 5 handling fee from 09:00-11:30 and 12:00-15:30.

 Jin-Jing Intercity Train Operating Hours Departure Station Duration Time
To Beijing 06:25-22:45, every10-30 minutes Tianjin Railway Station 30 minutes
From Beijing 06:35-23:00, every 10-35 minutes Beijing South Railway Station 30 minutes

 By Taxi
Passengers may take a taxi to Beijing. This is the quickest option and costs around CNY500.