Tianjin has many renowned hospitals. They are leaders in Clinical Oncology, Haematology, TCM acupuncture and moxibustion, Acuteabdomen treatment combining traditional Chinese and western medicine, transplant surgery. At the moment there are 2617 medical establishments in total, of which, 56 are upper first-class hospitals. The community health service sector has a 100 percent coverage rate.

  1. Major Comprehensive Hospitals

Name Address
Tianjin Medical University General Hospital No.154, Anshan Street, Heping District
First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of TCM No.314, West Anshan Street, Nankai District
Tianjin First Center Hospital No.2, Fukang Road, Nankai District
Nankai University Affiliated Hospital No.190, Jieyuan Street, Hongqiao District
Tianjin Third Central Hospital No.83, Jintang Highway, Hedong District
Wujing Yi Xue Yuan Fushu Hospital Junction of Chenglinzhuang Street and Tianshan Road, Hedong District
Tianjin 4th Central Hospital No.3, Zhongshan Road, Hebei District
  1. Major Specialized Hospitals

TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital Third Ave., TEDA, Binhai New Area
Tianjin Hematonosis Hospital No.288, Nanjing Road, Heping District
Tianjin Stomatological Hospital of Nankai University No.75, North Dagu Road, Heping District
Tianjin Chest Hospital No.93, Xi’an Street, Heping District
Tianjin Eye Hospital No.4, Gansu Road, Heping District
Tianjin Medical University Metabolic Diseases Hospital No.66, Tong’an Street, Heping District
Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital West Huanhu Road, Hexi District
Tianjin An’ding Hospital(Mental Disease) No.13, Liulin Road, Hexi District
Tianjin Hospital(Orthopedics Department) No.406, South Jiefang Road, Hexi District
Tianjin Children’s Hospital No.225, Machang Street, Hexi District
Tianjin Central Hospital for Ob/Gyn No.165, San Ma Lu, Nankai District
Tianjin Infectious Disease Hospital No.75, Sudi Road, Nankai District